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Harbor and Point Names - Grand Traverse MI

The Grand Traverse Region 
by Alexander Winchell A. M. published 1866

Geological and Industrial Resources of
Lower Peninsula of Michigan 
A few of the harbor and point names 

The early French voyageurs in coasting from Mackinac southward found two considerable indentations of the coast line of Lake Michigan on the east side, which there were accustomed to cross from headland to headland.  The smaller of these they designated "La Petite Traverse" and the greater, "La Grande Traverse." These names were transferred to the two bays known as the Little Traverse and Grand Traverse Bays.

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GTAGS Current & Past Presidents

Left to right:
Mary Rose, Mary Briggs, Sherry Gaines, Jan Novak

Isn't this great!!! Always click on photographs to make it larger. Brenda

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Early Women Leaders

Traverse City's Early Women Leaders
Traverse City Record Eagle, 1 Nov 2009

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Links for Cemetery Iconagraphy

Thanks Alanna, for links to symbols and meanings of images on headstones.

Iconograhy & Epitaphs
Cemetery Iconography

Traverse City National Geographic Article

Traverse City makes the National Geographic Magazine
News Item

Obituary: Levi W. Fewins

Levi W. Fewins
Died January 23, 2000
LONG LAKE TOWNSHIP - Levi W. Fewins, 94, died Sunday at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.

Born Dec. 23, 1905, in Long Lake Township, he was the son of William and Mary (Snyder) Fewins. On Nov. 3, 1926, in Traverse City, he married Mildred Secor.

A lifelong resident of Long Lake Township where he was born and raised, Levi owned and operated a general farm in Long Lake Township. He was also employed by the Johnson-Randall Furniture factory in Traverse City, Traverse City Iron Works and Parts Manufacturing and, for several years, by the Grand Traverse County road commission. He was a former member of Traverse City Eagles Lodge FOE No. 383. Levi enjoyed hunting, fishing, gardening and playing cards - especially euchre.

Survivors include two daughters, Doris (Arthur) Wilkins and Judy (Ronald) Johnson - both of Long Lake Township; five grandchildren, Steve (Rosemary) McGarry of Interlochen, Gary (Sharon) Wilkins of Traverse City, Terry (Sue) Wilkins of Traverse City, Larry (Penny) Forton of Wisconsin, and Denise Rosinski of Traverse City; eight great-grandchildren, Rebecca (Rollin) McGarry Costello of Traverse City, Michael and Ann Wilkins of Traverse City, Amanda, Sarah, and Justin Wilkins of Traverse City, and Walker and Brendon Forton of Wisconsin; many nieces and nephews; and a special friend and nephew, Vince Herkner of Long Lake Township.

Levi was preceded in death by his wife, Mildred, on Nov. 21, 1998; his daughter, Maxine Forton; a grandson, James McGarry; two granddaughters, Kathleen Forton and Joan McGarry; a brother, Clarence; and four sisters.

Joint memorial services for Levi and his wife, Mildred, will be held at 4 p.m. Monday at the Traverse City Chapel of Covell Funeral Homes; the Rev. Marvin Rosa will officiate. The family will greet friends from 3 p.m. until the time of service.

Burial will be in Grand Traverse Memorial Gardens in Traverse City. Memorials may be directed to the Long Lake Fire Fighters Association or the charity of one's choice.

Cherry County Playhouse, State & Park St.

Cherry County Playhouse on the corner of State and Park Streets was the first place I ever saw a play at about age 8-10. My sister, Nona, took me there and I don't remember the name of the play, I just know it was a kids play. But! I was awestruck to see such a thing. I still love to see plays. Now I go with my daughter.

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Wood Cutting Crew, Kingsley, Grand Traverse

This photo is not much help for identifying the men but the idea of how wood used to be 'processed' is here.

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1929 Traverse City High School

Students: Edrie Carmien; Donald H. Caulkett; Eveyln Chapman; and Edwin Clawson.

One page of the 1929 Traverse City High School Yearbook, The Pines. Do you have an ancestor of this school?

Thanks to Jon Caulkett gives us information on his family.

Donald Caulkett was my father. His family moved to Battle Creek soon after he graduated. Because of the Depression he didn't go to college. He worked in grocery stores & sang in the church choir until drafted for WWII. He was assigned to Walter Reed, then sent to the Philipines & Korea. After the War he came back to Battle Creek & met my mother at church choir. My grandmothers were already good friends. He bought a house for himself & his parents. His mother died in 1948, his father in 1949. My parents married in 1950, I was born in 1951, & brother Dan in 1953. He worked for several years at Eaton's, then 20+ years as a building engineer for BC Public Schools, retiring in 1976. He enjoyed traveling with his family, as well as Scouting & softball, & was very active in his church. He remained close to his brother, Jerry, & his sister, Mary. He loved spending time with grand-daughters, Jenna & Amanda very much. Formerly a heavy smoker, he quit in 1985 for their sake. He died Jan. 8, 1988, of complications of emphezyma, after many years of declining health, 1 week before his 87th birthday. Jon Caulkett

Come One ~ Come All~

For the natives of this area.. this will bring back memories.

Saturday, Feb. 28th 1953
425 W. Front St.
Dancing 9:00 'Til 1:00

Music By the
Boardman Valley Ramblers
*Polkas *Round Dances *Waltzes
*Square Dances *Schottisches

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Joseph Shomin and family

Evelyn Morgan MacDonald Pioneer Family

Robert J. MacDonald / Evelyn Morgan and abt 3yr old child
Several small obits for Evelyn Morgan wife of Robert J. MacDonald 9 Oct 1915. Evelyn is the daughter of Mr and Mrs BJ Morgan. She married Robert J. MacDonald in 1903 Grand Traverse County. She was brought 'home' to Traverse City for burial. Most likely Oakwood Cemetery. Click on image to enlarge for reading.

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Sarah Bower marries Norman Dixon 1951

Sarah Bower & Norman Dixon marry. Traverse City Record Eagle newspaper date 5th of May 1951.

Hattie Tripp Amstrong

Hattie Tripp Armstrong. This photograph was in with either Kingsley photos or some from the Fewless family. I checked every census and none have this name in our county. Can you put a family with this grand lady?

Ad for Boston Store 20 May 1903 and Bellaws

Love those great dresses but I sure would not have wanted to do the woman's daily work in them, would you? But they are classy!

Dinner out at Bellaw's 28 May 1948

Grand Traverse Bay - Boating

The Observor, 14 Feb 1954 - Johnny Bush

Johnny Bush rides the fence post down the Boardman River. Don't forget? click on the image to enlarge.

Grand Traverse Hospital

This hospital was in Grelickville, up on the hill behind where Sweitzer's Restaurant was heading along the GT Bay to Suttons Bay. The hospital was very well decorated within and was destroyed by fire.

Ice Breaking Up Postcard by Orsen Peck

9 July 1948 Mackinac Island Trip

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Mrs. Albertina Fiebing, 10 Nov 1949 Birthday

In 1880 Rudolph and Albertina were living in Ionia, Ionia, Michigan with children Emma and Charles and Mary Fiebing (mother of Rudolph) age 60. They were both shown as born in Germany, per the census records. They were moved by 1910. Being as there is not an 1890 census one cannot tell without more indepth research just when they came to Grand Traverse County. Rudulph died 23 Dec 1938 and Albertine died 17 Nov 1950.

Clarence Leroy Brunson of Kingsley

Clarence Leroy Brunson Farm in Kingsley.. or should I say..tractor but surely it is at his farm ;)

1915: Aunt Betty and Mom

I am told the names are Weller and Margaret Nichols. Don't put a lot of faith in this though, please.

Mary Dracka 1854 - 1934

In 1900 Mary born about 1854 in Bohemia was married to Charles Dracka and living in Garfield Township with their children, Charles age 20; Mallie 15; Emmanuel 12; John age 9. Charles was age 53 and born in Bohemia also. His immigration date is given as 1879.

Charles died sometime between 1910 when he was 63 and the 1920 census where Mary is listed as a widow. She is living with son, John 28 at that time. John was still living at home with Mary in 1930.  Grand Traverse County online index does not have a death record for Charles.

Until I see otherwise the possibilty that DEOEKA, CHARLES 00-00-1913 Liber 2, page 185 is this Charles survives. Long shot but time will tell. Charles Dracka's obit is on page 1 of 29 July 1913. Giving more credence to the death record of DEOEKA being his.

UPDATE:  Matt send a death record for Charles Dracka from date of death: 26 July 1913.  So the date fits with the record Matt sent.,735355 
Thanks Matt.

Kingsley Students - Unknown Year

There are kids by the name of Fewlass in this photograph but I don't know which
ones they are.

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William Rennie, Obituary

William J. Rennie dies June 17 1951

To read this obituary please click on the image and it
will open up large into another window. Thanks

Hodge School, Kingsley, Michigan

Hodge School, M113 and
Hodge Road, Kingsley, Michigan - Photo taken by Thomas Ghering.

George Raff Gets Car Stolen

George was a long-time resident of Traverse City. He died 29 Dec 1967. He was married twice, once to Julia Williams and they divorced then she married Julius Petertyl whom just died in 2007 at 101?.

Clinch Park, Traverse City, Michigan

Clinch Park Summer

Boardman River North of 6th Street, Traverse City

The building on the far right was the Traverse City Public Library. In 2009 it is the Heritage Center. I doubt one could even see the back of this building from anywhere other than its back yard as there are houses all around and the river runs totally different.

Traverse City, Michigan: Boardman River.. The Public Library is the large building on the very far right. Just behind and to the left of the library is Perry Hannah's house. They are on 6th St.

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Hannah Park on Union Street
by Sixth Street, Traverse City, Michigan

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Park Place Hotel, Traverse City

Originally the Campbell House then became the Park Place Hotel on the State Street by Park Street. The next parallel street over from Front Street the main street of Traverse City just 1/2 block South of the Grand Traverse Bay.

Acme School 1950? Students.

Does anyone recognize these students? Can you tell us if the year of 1950 is correct? The school is about 7 miles from Traverse City. Photograph donated by Tom Ghering, descendant of Pioneer Family of the Penisula.

Walter William Barratt WWI Military Draft Card

Scanned image of Walter William Barratt's
WW I Military Draft Card.

Walter married Grace B. Pence in 1915. Walter William died 7 Feb 1921 and Grace was born
about 1900 in Indiana.

It appears Grace may have married Edward Mox in 1922 but this is a supposition without seeing the records. There is not a death in Grand Traverse County or in the Social Security Records of a Grace Barratt. There is a death record for Grace B. Mox of 27 July 1962.

Corner Drugstore

Garland Drugstore at the corner of Union Street and 7th Street was highly used by many years of students as a 'hangout' for picking up a pop at lunch time. My siblings and I are up to 14 years apart and all three of us visited this drugstore with soda fountain .. and a couple small tables. We used to make Black Cow Rootbeer? does this sound right? hmm

Kingsley Fair 1909

Kingsley Fair 1909 The hill below the Water Tower.

Capt Barratt, Who Am I?

This photograph has the name Capt. Barratt on the back it was found in a collection at the Kingsley Library, I believe. I do not know anything else about him. If someone can assist with naming him I would appreciate it. Thanks - write Brenda at

Ruby is a fantastic fiddler at 16 years old. She is playing at a festival with Ben Wolfgram and Lee backing her. Lee (unknown last name) the fellow sitting down with the guitar is in his 90's. Go Lee!!

I have some video's of Ruby playing Orange Blossom Special. If I can figure out how I will add that for your pleasure. She is awesome. Photograph taken by Tom Ghering.

Ann and Brenda Working the Library~

My cousin and buddy in Quebec research, Ann Stricker Secor. I am most likely not going to be on her top 10 list for placing this photo here. :0

Ann is married to my cousin Arthur Secor and is the daughter of Pioneer Family, Marvin Stricker and Annabell Fashbaugh. Annabell is the daughter of Oliver and Catherine Fashbaugh.

Art is the son of Joseph Secor and Ledora Moyetta Brown. Art and Ann are great people with 2 children. The Grand Traverse county area is filled with the history of all of these families.

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McCully House, Kingsley, Michigan

A dear man who is a descendant of the McCully House tried extremely hard to fund the restoration of this home. It is still standing in Kingsley in such a state it will take 'bunches of $$' to restore. So, what is to happen to homes such as this. It was a home; a hotel; hotel with a bar and has served over 100 years. I personally enjoyed many a great card game in the Hotel after it had been sold to DeFrance. I am writing this from memory but have data on the Hotel and will be adding that as well. ;)