Friday, April 25, 2008

William Rennie, Obituary

William J. Rennie dies June 17 1951

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Hodge School, Kingsley, Michigan

Hodge School, M113 and
Hodge Road, Kingsley, Michigan - Photo taken by Thomas Ghering.

George Raff Gets Car Stolen

George was a long-time resident of Traverse City. He died 29 Dec 1967. He was married twice, once to Julia Williams and they divorced then she married Julius Petertyl whom just died in 2007 at 101?.

Clinch Park, Traverse City, Michigan

Clinch Park Summer

Boardman River North of 6th Street, Traverse City

The building on the far right was the Traverse City Public Library. In 2009 it is the Heritage Center. I doubt one could even see the back of this building from anywhere other than its back yard as there are houses all around and the river runs totally different.

Traverse City, Michigan: Boardman River.. The Public Library is the large building on the very far right. Just behind and to the left of the library is Perry Hannah's house. They are on 6th St.