Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1929 Traverse City High School

Students: Edrie Carmien; Donald H. Caulkett; Eveyln Chapman; and Edwin Clawson.

One page of the 1929 Traverse City High School Yearbook, The Pines. Do you have an ancestor of this school?

Thanks to Jon Caulkett gives us information on his family.

Donald Caulkett was my father. His family moved to Battle Creek soon after he graduated. Because of the Depression he didn't go to college. He worked in grocery stores & sang in the church choir until drafted for WWII. He was assigned to Walter Reed, then sent to the Philipines & Korea. After the War he came back to Battle Creek & met my mother at church choir. My grandmothers were already good friends. He bought a house for himself & his parents. His mother died in 1948, his father in 1949. My parents married in 1950, I was born in 1951, & brother Dan in 1953. He worked for several years at Eaton's, then 20+ years as a building engineer for BC Public Schools, retiring in 1976. He enjoyed traveling with his family, as well as Scouting & softball, & was very active in his church. He remained close to his brother, Jerry, & his sister, Mary. He loved spending time with grand-daughters, Jenna & Amanda very much. Formerly a heavy smoker, he quit in 1985 for their sake. He died Jan. 8, 1988, of complications of emphezyma, after many years of declining health, 1 week before his 87th birthday. Jon Caulkett

Come One ~ Come All~

For the natives of this area.. this will bring back memories.

Saturday, Feb. 28th 1953
425 W. Front St.
Dancing 9:00 'Til 1:00

Music By the
Boardman Valley Ramblers
*Polkas *Round Dances *Waltzes
*Square Dances *Schottisches