Monday, April 28, 2008

Mrs. Albertina Fiebing, 10 Nov 1949 Birthday

In 1880 Rudolph and Albertina were living in Ionia, Ionia, Michigan with children Emma and Charles and Mary Fiebing (mother of Rudolph) age 60. They were both shown as born in Germany, per the census records. They were moved by 1910. Being as there is not an 1890 census one cannot tell without more indepth research just when they came to Grand Traverse County. Rudulph died 23 Dec 1938 and Albertine died 17 Nov 1950.

Clarence Leroy Brunson of Kingsley

Clarence Leroy Brunson Farm in Kingsley.. or should I say..tractor but surely it is at his farm ;)

1915: Aunt Betty and Mom

I am told the names are Weller and Margaret Nichols. Don't put a lot of faith in this though, please.

Mary Dracka 1854 - 1934

In 1900 Mary born about 1854 in Bohemia was married to Charles Dracka and living in Garfield Township with their children, Charles age 20; Mallie 15; Emmanuel 12; John age 9. Charles was age 53 and born in Bohemia also. His immigration date is given as 1879.

Charles died sometime between 1910 when he was 63 and the 1920 census where Mary is listed as a widow. She is living with son, John 28 at that time. John was still living at home with Mary in 1930.  Grand Traverse County online index does not have a death record for Charles.

Until I see otherwise the possibilty that DEOEKA, CHARLES 00-00-1913 Liber 2, page 185 is this Charles survives. Long shot but time will tell. Charles Dracka's obit is on page 1 of 29 July 1913. Giving more credence to the death record of DEOEKA being his.

UPDATE:  Matt send a death record for Charles Dracka from date of death: 26 July 1913.  So the date fits with the record Matt sent.,735355 
Thanks Matt.

Kingsley Students - Unknown Year

There are kids by the name of Fewlass in this photograph but I don't know which
ones they are.